Second episode, still fun to watch.

I see, though, that Mercer is doing that thing where the DM takes over all the cool narration. Even when he gives the player a chance to add something (“How do you take out the ogre?”), he’s still the one that gets the final “performance” of what that looks like in the fiction.

I notice because I do this all the time and now make a point of trying to stop.

But I guess this is how D&D works. The books say that the players tell them DM what they do, and the DM says what happens.

Also: not nearly enough Ashley.

14 thoughts on “Second episode, still fun to watch.

  1. Yeah, I’m really torn on Mercer. He seems like a good dude, and he’s enthusiastic and all. But he uses a kind of dated GM style that has elements that make me cringe several times per episode.

    But it’s a taste thing (mostly). Lots of people enjoy that style and more power to them.

    (He’s definitely better than some of the other celebrity GMs)

  2. Also, Internet, my comment does NOT mean “John doesn’t like Matt Mercer.” I’m so fucking sick and tired of this bullshit where someone saying “This is 80% okay” means “omg you hate it.”

    I needed to rant about that. Ahem.

  3. Yeah, its bit too much of the ‘Parent & Child’ dynamic. It would grate on me as a player no end.
    Mercer is a FANTASTIC storyteller though! I take a lot from his scene-framing basics and characterizations of NPCs. Quality stuff.

  4. I’m with you, John Harper.

    And you’re right about that move, Mark. It’s bizarrely redundant.

    Mercer does some things right and some things wrong. He’s a wash for me as a DM. I’ve probably watched a dozen hours of his DMing, though, so the good must generally outweigh the bad.

  5. I think a lot of the time it can be GM overenthusiasm that does that. Plus they have their vision of the world and want to make sure they have the final say on how it all fits. But it is a bad habit I’d like to get rid of for myself a bit more.