26 thoughts on “Wonderfully old-school, Spielberg-y poster.

  1. I watched two episodes Saturday and finished up on Sunday. The only reason I didn’t finish up Saturday was my gaming group playing EotE. The show was awesome! It also does a good job at staying true to the characters and not giving you what you expect from some tropes. It’s really good story telling.

  2. Despite this basically being a documentary about my life, I am suuuuper on the fence three episodes in. It’s making promises I am really skeptical it can keep. And the fetishizing of eighties technology is really cloying.

  3. My wife and I are actually a little old to be the target demographic for the show (I was a sophomore in college in 1983), but we did find ourselves repeatedly pointing out ’80’s technology (the first call on the rotary phone made me feel old) and talking to our daughters about things that were different back then.

  4. I marathoned the shit out of it. It is some strange lovechild of Goonies, It, and … Pan’s Labyrinth?

    It is amazing, and if you have an affinity for 80s coming of age movies and kids playing D&D watch it asap.

  5. Tight. The pop culture references are, whatever (enjoyable, but hardly necessary), but the writing is pretty damn good. There are cliches, but overall, this is an example of how to put together a plot-driven story without skimping on efficient character development. Sooooo refreshing after all the GoT slow-boat BS.