This is a fascinating interview with gaming industry veteran Greg Costikyan. As we’re currently bringing RuneQuest back to its original mythic setting Glorantha, we like what he says about rules design: “I was totally uninterested in creating a ‘generic’ system. Generic systems lead to generic games.”

Costikyan also recounts an amusing anecdote about Greg Stafford, illicit substances, and a goat…

The Graves family should thank God they had the privilege to be born white. Through no virtue of their own, they’ll be spared the investigations and castigations suffered by their black counterpart. They won’t suffer as much in the court of public opinion; the bulk of the public is mourning Lane, not blaming them for his death.

h/t Robert Bohl

In the new RuneQuest, you generate a family history

To solve these problems, we’ve adopted the “Family History” mechanics from Pendragon and tailored it to Dragon Pass. It is quite reminiscent of the clan history process from the King of Dragon Pass computer game, except it develops your character, rather than your community!

In character creation, you can decide which grandparent had the most impact on your character’s identity, and then determine what happened to him or her until 1606. Each of these end up being homeland specific, with different outcomes depending on whether the grandparent was from Sartar, Esrolia, Lunar Tarsh, Old Tarsh, the Grazelands, or Prax. Did your grandmother fight at the Battle of Grizzly Peak or plunder Boldhome in 1602? Was your grandfather killed when Belintar raised the Building Wall or did he follow Fazzur Wideread and fight in the Feint to the Sea?

So psyched for this.