19 thoughts on “Man, how I wish Daisy was on that quinjet.

  1. A number of fans didn’t care for Lincoln, so it’s nice hearing something different here. I think he could have been a more interesting character, but there was too much going on this season to really develop him.

    I’m going to miss Ward. Ever since his turn during the first season he’s been one of my favorite parts of the show.

  2. I didn’t really feel the chemistry betw Lincoln and Daisy, so I was indifferent to his death, and it also made it harder for me to click with Daisy’s reaction. I liked Ward and Hive and will be sad to see that actor go.

  3. Oh, I hope not. I feel like the whole “they’ve finally gotten together now let’s immediately tear it apart” thing has worn its welcome and then some. Let Fitz and Simmons alone and find a new problem.