Gameday 44 update!
We’ve seen three events fill up so far: Symbaroum in the a.m., and Savage Worlds and The Clay That Woke in the p.m. Fall of Magic and Trail of Cthulhu are getting lose with just one seat available in each.

Otherwise, there’s plenty of room! Take a look:…/chicago-gameday-44/schedule/2016/06/11

Also, someone of you might be wondering what happened to the D&D 5e events that were on the schedule. Unfortunately, the GM needed to cancel, but I didn’t get them off the roster until after go-live. Sorry, folks!

So… phone the kids and wake the neighbors! Get the word out, or else get thee to Warhorn and sign up to play.

Chicago Gameday 44 is happening on June 11. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss any of these cool events!

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