The d120 

The die’s most winning property lies in its being numerically balanced: the face numbers are spread out evenly, such that any two opposing sides sum to a hundred and twenty-one. Each of the die’s sixty-two corners boasts equanimity, too. (A vertex at which ten triangles meet, for instance, sums to six hundred and five, which is ten times the average of all the numbers on the die.)

Gotta think Goodman Games is already working on some DCC material for this sucker (and the d60 mentioned herein).

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6 thoughts on “The d120

  1. I haven’t watched the demo video yet, but I mean, I have a d30 and it just rolls on and on and on. I can’t imagine a die with four times the number of sides rolling any better. But I guess I should probably watch the video. Heh.