Man builds machine to roll die 8000 times and determine bias

Pretty fascinating, both from a DIY hacking perspective and one of dice nerdery. It seems like Gamscience wins the day once again, though enough of this math if over my head that I am not sure.

Mostly this has me wishing that someone out there would get on making truly precision, machined polyhedral dice with the tolerances we see for casino dice. Because my half-elf paladin deserves only the best.

I’m down a dice rabbit hole today.

20 thoughts on “Man builds machine to roll die 8000 times and determine bias

  1. I have a set of those. And several sets I got when a buddy used to work at a casino, he’d bring home all kinds of dice they’d tossed after a day of use. 

    But truth is, much as you may logically know the math is better or something, in actual play it makes so little difference that you really end up having to admit its just your statistics and dice fetish playing out on your paraphernalia.

  2. Brand Robins Dice figure so prominently in our hobby that I’m happy to fetishize them. And the tendency with all my fetishizing is towards “functions best”, even if the actual impact is slight. If the dice are also pretty, that’s a bonus.

    This is why I love my Amber Rix dice so much.

  3. These days my main functionality demand is that: 

    1) I can read them in dim light
    2) I can read them while slightly buzzed/drunk
    3) They stop rolling in a reasonable amount of space

    Which… man… you’d be amazed how many fancy, expensive dice fail those.