Supergirl’s “World’s Finest” I finally got around to watching the Supergirl/Flash team-up/crossover episode, and I thought it was a hoot. Seriously, camaraderie between popular characters is so much more fun for me than discord. That said, the episode reminded me why I like The Flash so much and why I gave up on Supergirl about four episodes in. When Melissa Benoit and Grant Gustin are on screen, it’s pure joy. They have great chemistry, and seeing them compare notes and use their shared superhero-ness as a means to bond is just great; I feel just as giddy as they do. But when it’s anyone else, my enthusiasm wanes. I’m reminded that Benoit, and perhaps Flockhart, are the main pillars upholding the series, and everyone else is, to me, largely uninteresting. I also have to say that I just don’t enjoy Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy as confident, professional, and hunkier-than-Supes just doesn’t really sit right with me (seriously, Brooks is probably taller and more ripped than any actor yet to play Superman). I also feel like he’s not given much to do other than be man-candy. Honestly, I think they could have merged Jimmy and Winn into a single character and not lost anything. Which also leads me to mentioning that I think the show is overflowing with unnecessary characters. I’ve been away for a while, but it seems like pretty much everyone on the show can come and go at the DOE now? And Kara has, what, two or three sanctums? I dunno. I feel like Supergirl is getting wrong everything that The Flash gets right: tight cast, focused locales, and interesting villains (as well as uninteresting villains which with we intentionally spend little time, unlike Silver BanshZzzzz…).  Which is sad, because I think Benoit is a perfect fit for Supergirl, and deserves a better show built around her. I’d really like them to do some serious housecleaning for season two and re-think their approach to the series. But, who knows, maybe I’ll give the show another chance and catch up on the episodes I’ve missed. Oh, hot damn do I want to see Kara do a guest spot on The Flash.]]>

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  1. because the show doesn’t spend much time with them? Though, technically, Geomancer was supposed to be a hero… Yeah, I don’t really like this take on “James” Olsen, either. In the comics, he’s supposed to be the timid/common-sense counterpart to Lois’s daredevil attitude. He’s actually a lot like Win… Waitaminute, the guy playing Win would have been a PERFECT FIT for Jimmy! Why did they have to ruin him??? The Flash suffered in the female character department last season, but I feel like they really picked up the slack this year. That having been said, I was crying tears of joy when Patty left. She had absolutely NONE of the traits that made her memorable in the comics (not even the glasses), and she would totally overpowered (I mean, come on, degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Forensics? How long was this girl in school???) if she hadn’t needed to be rescued all the time (she does carry a guy, right??). It was a… decent… try, but Iris, Caitlin, and now Jesse are plenty for the show, for now.]]>

  2. The Flash and Supergirl are the same: bad writing. Bad dialog, sloppy plotting, whiplash characterizations, and plain poor choices. What keeps me around is both occasionally write really well, but mostly, it’s the performances. I like The Flash more, though, and I’m not quite sure why (I mean, why they’re so different in quality; I could go on about why I like one more than the other). I suspect somehow that being on CBS is to blame, but I dunno.]]>

  3. “I like _The Flash more, though, and I’m not quite sure why…”_ “…I could go on about why I like one more than the other.” You just contradicted yourself, there. If you really are “not quite sure why,” then you wouldn’t be able to “go on about” it.]]>

  4. The Flash is that while the early episodes weren’t as bad as early Supergirl, it still took a while to find its groove. I don’t watch Arrow, but based on the crossovers it doesn’t seem as good as The Flash either. I think the answer to the mystery of why Supergirl so dramatically underperforms expectations is that a lot of the expectations are based on treating the creative team’s best work as if it’s their typical work. (At least that’s what I’ve extrapolated from analyzing my own reactions. And that doesn’t mean I think Supergirl should be given a pass for the ways in which it isn’t good, just that I’ve concluded that I should treat ” The Flash is good” as an irrelevant data point when analyzing Supergirl).]]>

  5. neither of these shows is “great” TV. One of them (IMO) is “good” TV, and one has (IMO) untapped potential. I have no problem with Jimmy being a hunky love interest, I just don’t see them doing all that much with him beyond that, and I don’t really see a lot chemistry between him and Kara. Someone more like Gustin would have been a better fit, I think; boy-next-door cute as opposed to Brook’s Playgirl centerfold.]]>