38 thoughts on “I’ll admit I’ve been contemplating it.

  1. And I truly hope the current polling data holds. Even if he doesn’t win though it doesn’t erase the problem in our midst. I don’t believe the man created his supporters. He reached out and plucked ideas and notions from their minds and put them unabashedly in the spotlight. Him losing won’t evaporate the fact that a significant swath of our population genuinely share his sentiments. I don’t see this as just a Trump problem.

  2. The rest of the Republican candidates are such uninteresting nonentities that I’m honestly not too surprised that a thunderous buffoon like Drumpf captured enough voters and press to make himself the frontrunner.

    That he is the frontrunner still worries me, though. Even if he technically loses, he has enough cash to sue his way into the presidency, like Dubya did.

  3. I’m mostly counting on this being a tempest in a teapot caused by contemporary news media. They’re desperate for something to cover, so they cover the shit out of primaries — I don’t remember anyone giving a shit about primaries this hard when I was a kid — and so his presence is magnified.

  4. Well I’m certainly with you Mark Delsing. I just fear that if he takes the nomination it would be the ground swell he needs to propel him in the general election, current polling be damned. And with the nomination looking increasingly probable, I just don’t know. Best case would be a contested convention…that would actually be glorious good fun!

    This is what happens when you hand the primary leash to us southerners!

  5. fivethirtyeight.com today, especially Nate Silver’s piece on whether Trump can be stopped. It’s good stuff. Silver never says Trump couldn’t win, but he gives us reason not to despair, I think.]]>