Busted out my Meta Dice at Chicago Gameday 43

Since I knew I needed only d6s for my Gameday events, I decided to bring my Meta Dice, a Kickstarter that delivered back in January.

tl;dr — They performed really well, and I’ll likely use them a lot in the future.

Meta Dice are multi-function d6s that provide, 1-6, Fudge, hit location, and Yes/No (and with the Fudge symbols, Yes…and, Yes…but, etc.). The ones I bought also color 1-3 in black and 4-6 in red to emphasize the yes/no results, which is good for systems where, say, dice generate a “success” on a 4 or better.

My morning event was The Warren, a PbtA game, so I was using the requisite 2d6. At first it was a little weird; I’d never used them before, and I am sort of between eyeglass prescriptions, so my nearsightedness made them a little hard to read; there is a _lot_of data to parse on each face.. Eventually I realized that the coloring gave me a quick guideline: two blacks meant no total higher than 6, so it was a miss unless a stat added at least +1; two reds meant a minimum total of 8, so a hit or better.

In the afternoon I used them for Burning Wheel, for which they were absolutely perfect. Since we were rolling all Black shade stats (so TN 4), I could just roll and count red dice. Then just look for 6s or +’s for open-ended tests or if you want to spend artha. Awesome, would dice again!

I don’t know if Bill has surplus stock; if he does, I heartily endorse these dice.


Bill Edmunds

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