I watched the two-part pilot for Legends of Tomorrow, and it was totally dumb, and I totally enjoyed it. Every fight scene made me think, “This is so a party of superhero RPG characters.”

Player: “My guy is like Iron Man, but he can shrink down to the size of an atom!”
Other Player: “My PC carries a big gun… that shoots ice!”
That One Guy: “I made a ninja. Who is super-hot.”
GM: “Okay, so Time-Master Rip Hunter…”
That One Guy: “Seriously?”
GM: “Shut up. Anyway, Rip has recruited each of you to travel with him on his time-ship…”

Still, the show is totally a hoot — save for Carter, who comes off to me like a gaslighting creep. The main downside is that no one in the cast seems to be able to punch in Victor Barber’s weight class, save possibly for Brandon Routh, and maybe Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell given that they consistently out-camp and joyfully chew scenery harder than anyone else on the show.

I’ll keep watching when I find spare moments, and I really want to rip (ha!) off the premise for a supers campaign, because it’s eminently game-able.


7 thoughts on “I watched the two-part pilot for Legends of Tomorrow, and it was totally dumb, and I totally enjoyed it. Every fight…

  1. The premise alone is a lot of fun. And yeah this is without a doubt an accurate reflection of a ttrpg group any given Thursday. That’s a big part of what drew my wife and I to it.
    As we’ve been tuning in each week I have to say the corny charm wears thin a little faster than Flash or Arrow but we’re still watching.

  2. You can even see the presence of the heavy hand of the GM.

    That One Guy: “Well, why can’t we just go back in time and do the mission over again if we fail?”


    That One Guy: “Okay, well then let’s just go back to before Vandal was born and kill…”


    Man, I could totally do a “Darths & Droids” comic for this show.

  3. Cam Banks  Player: “What do you mean I’m dead?!?!”

    GM: “Dude, you went one-on-one with Vandal! He’s got tons of Combat Skill Levels and his main power is HTH Killing Attacks.”

    Player: “Dude! Hawk armor!”

    That One Guy: “More like SUCK armor. You shouldn’t have spent all those points on Gliding (snort) and gotten Hardened Defenses instead.”

    Player: “Dude, I’m a HAWK.”

    That One Guy: “A DEAD hawk.”


  4. It’s Snart and Rory with the Goofy Sooper Dudes.

    I am liking Capt Cold more and more with this show. Canary is cool too. And Kendra is neato.
    Didn’t like Hawkman… but he’ll be back at some point.