I watched as Trump strutted around the beautifully groomed clay tennis courts on his estate, managed by noted tennis pro Anthony Boulle. The courts had been prepped meticulously for a full day of scheduled matches. Trump took exception to the design of the spaces between courts. In particular, he didn’t like a small metal box—a pump and cooler for the water fountain alongside—which he thought looked ugly. He first questioned its placement, then crudely disparaged it, then kicked the box, which didn’t budge, and then stooped—red-faced and fuming—to tear it loose from its moorings, rupturing a water line and sending a geyser to soak the courts. Boulle looked horrified, a weekend of tennis abruptly drowned. Catching a glimpse of me watching, Trump grimaced.

That Trump seems to have a decent chance of getting the Republican nomination continues to astound me.


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  1. The GOP started veering away from even it’s usual brand of racist dogwhistles since it put forward Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly to cultivate a harder line of neocons, and that came to fruition with the Tea Party.  Trump is just the next logical step – when you’ve sorted and encouraged angry non-thought as your ideal voter base, the loudest, simplest, and most hateful message wins.

  2. The part of this I thought was extremely insightful — that is, it made things click and make sense — was where he explained how Trump Ideas work.

    A Trump Idea is something that somebody might come up with off the top of their head, especially if they’re kinda young and ignorant, but which would be rejected by anybody who thought through the consequences or actually had relevant knowledge.

    If you’re Donald Trump, you take an idea like that, and you TRULY believe that because you thought of it, it is genius, complete and utter genius, because every thought you have is complete and utter genius. You proclaim it to the world as complete and utter genius.

    Then people go “holy cow, it turns out that the stuff I thought of off the top of my head without thinking through the consequences or acquiring relevant knowledge is ACTUALLY complete and utter genius. I’m on the same page as that genius Trump. It’s us against the world! Take that, so-called ‘experts’!”

    It explains so much, both about why his ideas are terrible and why they are so very very popular, and make him so popular.