I feel like I spend too much time managing my PDFs

Between file updates from DTRPG, the fact that no one seems to name their files the same way, and that many publishers will include duplicate files — old versions and new — in their DTRPG bundles means that I seem to spend a good chunk of time every week sorting, renaming, and puzzling over “Last Modified” dates. Add in the multiple versions of preview docs you get with a lot of Kickstarters and it becomes a total clusterfuck.

Or then you have adventures where the bundle includes one or more PDFs (maybe one is two-up, another B&W, etc.), plus individual JPEGs for maps, and then a Readme.txt file. I dunno; why isn’t a single PDF good enough here?

I realize a lot of this is due to the wide spectrum of technical skills possessed by people who produce RPG content, but sheesh. You’d think after ten years of PDFs as a viable distribution method, there would be some best practices.

/end of rant

12 thoughts on “I feel like I spend too much time managing my PDFs

  1. My solution was to just force myself to care less about having a pristine local copy of everything. Stick to updating the PDF when you know you’re actively running the game for a campaign or game day. Was tough, as I’m a bit anal about digital organization, but ultimately I’m less stressed about it now.