44 thoughts on “More pretty RPGs from Modiphius, now with more BROM.

  1. I’m having trouble finding much hard review on the 2d20 system which they also use for MC. It’s a Jay Little design and he’s a pretty sharp designer, but I’d like more mechanical knowledge before I commit to getting this*

    *aka I’d like to fool myself into believing that I haven’t already committed to getting this and that I’m being responsible by researching it further.

  2. Cam Banks I don’t understand either end of that statement. Are you just being self-deprecating here or are you defending Little’s work? 

    I found Cortex Plus to be enormously more functional and consistently structured than the FFG house system, or (what appears to be) the Modiphius house system.

  3. “Every PC has issues that will come back to haunt them. Those issues are numerically rated in increments of 5. Stack them on a table and roll %iles against them to see which issue causes problems this session. Here are some mechanical effects to go with it”.

    Pretty cool game tech…

    …If you’re old school enough to take that and figure out what to do with it without needing your hand held…

    Oh Snap!