26 thoughts on “I am both stunned and unsurprised at the sheer asshattery of the people complaining about the lack of PDFs in the…

  1. We are in a transitional period…from the old, outdated, but still enshrined in law (because laws generally represent prior generations state-of-the-art) notions of IP owners being in control of distribution channels — to not-far-in-the-future models where the consumer will control the distribution channel.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that people act entitled to have a work in whatever format they want it in. They are so entitled. That way lies the future. The idea that the IP creator / owner gets to control how and in what form people consume their property will soon seem laughably quaint.

  2. Gamer entitlement is reallllllly fascinating.   Like, the complaints about the supplements not being available while referenced in Gold, I could understand.  

    But the arguments which go along the lines of “but you could make So Much More Money” start to fall apart when you consider that these folks never make that argument to other companies, or even creators who give away their game for free.

  3. I totally get the desire for a PDF. I read all my books digitally now. Hell, for me, a PDF wouldn’t be enough. I would also want a fluid electronic document where I control font faces and sizes and colors. BUT what I don’t get is the complaints that borderline on harassment.

  4. It’s funny..i read though the whole BW comment section looking for something juicy because people had commented on how ass-ish folks were being. I think I’ve backed too many projects where people got super ass-ish, because those comments seemed rather tame by comparison.

    I mean, no one said “you’re a lying sack of shit, everything out of your mouth is BS, and not even your mother would believe anything you say at this point” which I’ve seen just this week…:-)