Some guidelines for design critique

These came from a UI design review blog I’ve been reading, but I feel like they could form a good basis for critiquing RPGs* as well. Essential,y they encourage us to be generous first and foremost, and to not make assumptions before looking at a design carefully.

1. The team that built this product is smart and talented.

2. There are many things we can’t know without joining the team.

3. [We are] here to teach, not to judge.

Rule #3 is more a guideline for the design outfit doing the reviews, but I think we can extrapolate it to apply to ourselves. It might be better phrased as “We are here to learn, not to judge.”

Hopefully, these ideas will at least give one pause enough to ask “Why is it this way?” before going right to “This sucks because…”

* Critiquing anything, really.