Man, “Snoke” is a goofy-ass name for a Supreme Leader.

“Snoke? You mean like the Monkey Trial?”
“No, that’s Scopes. I mean like the website that debunks urban legends.”
“You mean Snopes?”
“I thought that was the potions master from Harry Potter?”
“No, that’s Snape. You’re thinking of Snart.”
“No, Snart is that bad guy on The Flash.”
“Whatever. At least Rilo Kiley was cool.”
“You mean Kylo Ren?”

16 thoughts on “Man, “Snoke” is a goofy-ass name for a Supreme Leader.

  1. Paul Beakley Like I said, “almost”. Whenever  2nd-banana-evil talks to 1st-banana-evil, I’m pretty sure the projection is always huge.

    Daniel Swensen I also found it a little jarring that Snoke was one of the few CGI characters in the film. That seems a misstep to me.

    I’m guessing he’s some hobbled survivor of Order 66 or something, looking for revenge.

  2. Snoke didn’t do much for me, but I did like the fact that he did use BOTH his Ren and his General with good reason.  In the Original Trilogy, although Vader’s method of personnel assignment (choke out the incompetent, promote next in command) wasn’t great, it was clear the Empire had shit leadership overall and I was so confused why the Emperor let so many of these folks keep drawing paychecks…

  3. Yeah, but you’d think you’d get your quality people (in command at least) on the Death Star assignment – it’s your uber weapon, prestigious, was supposed to usher in the complete domination of your Empire.  And, by the time we’re talking Death Star 2, you want really competent people because, shit that was an expensive loss.