14 thoughts on “Just watched the new BvS trailer and hoo boy does it look like this is going to be a suck-fest.

  1. I was really looking forward to this movie until I watched that trailer. It just gave too much of the movie away. Before, there was the mystery of, “Will Superman and Batman actually fight each other to the finish? How does Wonder Woman come into this?” Now it’s “A: No. They will all team up to fight a nuclear monster.” (blows raspberry)

    PS I liked Man of Steel too.

  2. I enjoyed the trailer. I like that the superhero fight is a difference in attitudes, not mind control. Maybe Lex twists things to turn it into a fight, but it’s not the normal, fucking stupid superhero fight before they team up thing. Or at least, it doesn’t seem like it will be that.

    Lex seems amazing.

    Ok I’ll stop before this becomes a full repeat of my own post.

  3. Yeah, but the fight is based (at least in part) on genuine disagreements between them. I like that. It’s not something you often see.

    It also seems like we’ll be getting that with Civil War, so that’s nice.

  4. I don’t know that there are enough superhero team-up films to really qualify whether it’s common or not.

    And I feel like, in comics, it’s not nearly as unusual as you think. Dark Knight, AvX, Civil War, Kingdom Come, Marvel mutants in general, inhumans on MAoS…

    Really it’s moot. We all know I’m never going to say anything good about this trailer. 🙂