Watched three episodes of Supergirl and… they really need to step up their game. Less whining and inspirational speeches please, and more character development and compelling villains.

Honestly, if this were a Superman show, would they spend this much time focusing on Clark trying to figure out who he is?

7 thoughts on “Watched three episodes of Supergirl and… they really need to step up their game. Less whining and inspirational…

  1. Considering that’s what Smallville did for 10 season… yea, they would. 

    Now if that’s a good idea, that’s another issue. 

    (Though I suppose the pragmatic answer to that, if not the arete based one, is again… 10 seasons.) 

    But, busting your chops aside, I mostly agree. The show has potential, and the lead has charisma, but it’s wobbling. They need to pick some plot lines and stick to them.

  2. Not quite the same, no. But then it was a decade ago, a different network, and of course, a different gender expression. 

    I go back and forth on Supergirl’s “find myself” thing. I mean, I’m finding the show wobbly, but I’m not sure if its because I don’t like that thing, or just because I think they’re not being successful at carrying that thing.

  3. I feel like there could be an interesting way to tell the story they are trying to tell, but whatever they are doing is not it.

    A half or full season of Supergirl kicking ass and learning the hero biz, only to end with a public moment when someone meaningful says “Let’s hear it for Superman’s little cousin!” or similar would have more impact.

    And what’s with Olsen knowing Supes’ secret ID? Did that happen in the comics?

  4. I saw the first episode last night, doubt I’ll watch anymore.
    My problem was they introduced the real bad guys and the General right there. They needed to look up the word buildup, it’s a tv series, not a movie.
    The only part I really like was her trying to figure out how to rescue the plane.

  5. Ergodic Mage I had no problem with setting up everything in the pilot. Honestly, long, drawn-out build-ups in TV kind of piss me off.

    They really need to be studying Buffy. Buffy dealt with the young superhero thing exceptionally well. (Part of the reason Smallville sucked was that it was a complete Buffy rip-off, yet then got wrong everything Buffy got right.)