23 thoughts on “Watching all the new Star Wars trailers has the pedantic nerd in me sorta looking sideways at all these tie fighters…

  1. Like I said, I can forgive the x-wings, though I thought that was the whole reason they used speeders on Hoth; speeders = atmo, fighters = vacuum.

    But we learned from Obi-Wan that tie fighters are short-range and require a carrier, so it’s weird to me to see these things in atmo, especially given they are totally non-aerodynamic.

    Of course, this is all stupid, because it’s not like anything is SW was designed with science in mind. I mean the Falcon makes no sense at all.

  2. it’s not like anything is SW was designed with science in mind I think it’s safe to say that there are probably science minded people kept around production whose job it is to make excuses for what the director thinks would “look cool”.]]>

  3. Henry de Veuve It’s not a judgement call on my part, just a data point. I don’t watch it or Clone Wars, so I wouldn’t have thought of them.

    Are the cartoons considered canon, assuming that matters?

  4. Mark Delsing No worries! Didn’t think you were making a judgment call. 🙂  

    Given that Rebels is a Disney thing, I suspect it’s going to be canon.  And so are the five seasons or so of Clone Wars, because of a reveal in the first season finale.

  5. If it helps, they explain why the clones followed Order 66. It wasn’t just “Oh, the Supreme Chancellor says to, guess we’ll listen to him and betray the people we’ve been fighting alongside the last three years.” And the clones themselves are incredible characters – Rex, Fives, Echo, Wolffe, Jesse, and others.

  6. And Clone Wars Anakin, isn’t stupid little shit prequel Anakin.

    Much more believable as impatient, feels slighted, gets angry, teenager Anakin. And the show lasted long enough for that to develop in a completely believable way.

  7. The one thing I don’t like about Rebels is how they use TIEs as atmospheric patrol craft. They should be deep space fighters. They should have introduced a new kind of ship instead. (Everything else about Rebels is great.)