Help me compile a list of conventions in and around Chicagoland that would be compelling for gamer types

tl;dr — If you know of a convention in Illinois or surrounding states that focuses on things a typical gamer would like (RPGs, war-games, anime, SF/fantasy, comics, etc.) and it’s not already on the list below, please post it in the comments, ideally wth a URL.

Lately I’ve had a really hard time with #ChicagoGameday  accidentally coinciding with various major conventions in the area. I do my best to seek them out, but the comprehensive convention listing sites that do exist are seriously awful, and most of the convention sites themselves seem to be doing a poor job of SEO, so even general Googling is often fruitless.

I went through one of the local Meetup group’s* back calendar and tried to identify every significant gathering I could that might draw folks away from my little Gameday. The list below was the result, but I can’t help but assume it’s incomplete.

If you know of a con that is not on this list and that would have a high likelihood of drawing out someone who lives in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, please let me know in the comments and, if it exists, provide a URL for the con’s site or FB page.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Archon —
AdeptiCon —
Anime Central —
Anime Midwest —
Bristol Renaissance Fair —
CapriCon —
Chicago TARDIS —
CodCon —
Con+Alt+Delete —
Conception and Concentric —
Corridor Games On Demand —
Fantasticon —
Forge Midwest —
GameHoleCon —
Gamicon —
GaryCon —
GenCon —
Indiana Comic Con —
Kollision Con —
Midwinter Gaming Con —
MuseCon —
Origins —
PentaCon —
Ragnarok —
Soy Con —
Star Trek Chicago —
ValorCon —
WIndyCon —
Winter War —
Wizard World —
WolfCon —

* The group I mined was the Naperville Freaks, Geeks, and Weirdos meetup — — I have to say, they do a phenomenal job keeping their calendar active with social geekery, more so than any most of the other meetups in my area. If you live in the western ‘burbs, definitely check them out.

46 thoughts on “Help me compile a list of conventions in and around Chicagoland that would be compelling for gamer types

  1. I’d also consider adding metatopia (also this weekend). It’s not in the Midwest but it attracts indy game designers and I’ve seen a number of Chicago Game Day folk go to that one. Also, this is a really interesting list to distribute to the game day crew not just for conflict avoidance but because I want to go to some of these now! 😀

  2. Kate Kirby Definitely added. The tricky thing is that there are absolutely some cons that are nowhere near us, yet seem to draw a lot of our regular GMs. E.g., Corridor GoD is 230 miles away, but I know at least two or three regular GMs who will be there. Heck, lots of local folks went to BigBadCon, and that’s in Cali!