16 thoughts on “This was the first “fall back” DST day where instead of, “Yes! Another hour!”, I was all, “Dear God is this day over…

  1. We spent theist week or so pushing Henry’s bedtime forward from 7pm to 8pm in preparation for the clocks turning back. Tonight, it hit about 6:30pm, he was getting fussy, and we were all, “Fuck it, let’s put him to bed.”

  2. Update: Lil’ guy made it to about 5:15am before waking up enough to demand his morning bottle. I get up at 5 every day and my wife not too long after, so this was not so bad.

    She got him dressed and fed, after which he promptly feel back asleep. If I hadn’t awoken him for the ride to daycare at 6:40, he would have kept on snoozing.

    We feel very lucky that Henry has become a good sleeper.