Looking for a book cover suitable for RPGs

The attached link is roughly the kind of thing I am looking for, namely a study book cover that will fit your typical Player’s Handbook-sized volume. It doesn’t necessarily have to be leather — because puppies and all — but I wouldn’t necessarily turn it down if so. I’ve seen “book sox” in larger sizes, but I want more than just a layer of fabric.

Thanks in advance for any help.


16 thoughts on “Looking for a book cover suitable for RPGs

  1. Stitching, I guess. I want more than just some folded fabric. I want something designed to fit snugly on a book, that won’t slip off, maybe a reinforced spine, etc.

    I don’t that I have either the skill or the free time to make something like this myself.

  2. I did it with grocery store paper bags all through school, only changed them when I drew all over and wanted a new design. I like that it’s not permanent, you don’t have to glue anything to the book. Now I want to try it out with fabric!