What the heck should I run for #chicagogameday42 ?

Given my limited time, I don’t know if I should try running something new to me (looking at Silent Legions or Monster of the Week or a combo of both) or else something I already am familiar with and may need to bone up on since I’m likely playing it in the future (Burning Wheel, D&D 5e, and possibly Champions 3rd ed.).

I was even looking sideways at Usagi Yojimbo or Myriad Song.

Admittedly this is not a bad problem to have, but I really want to avoid waiting too long and then having to scramble at the last minute, or bail entirely.

22 thoughts on “What the heck should I run for #chicagogameday42 ?

  1. Willow Palecek The thing is, I have no idea what turnout will be; Gameday attendance is very hard to predict.

    Also, the number of tables determines how many signups we can accommodate, so I prefer to have a full set of tables that we can adjust later depending on turnout.

    I also try to do right by the store and bring as many people as possible, given that we block off the whole room, preventing the store from booking any other events that day.