Favourite house rule

I’m going to have to recuse myself on this one, as I’m not sure I’ve played any game in recent memory that used any house rules I liked, much less house rules at all. The closest I can come is hacking bits from one game onto another, e.g., using Marvel Heroic initiative in Fate, or using Arcana Evolved Hero Points in straight 3e.

Honestly, extensive use of house rules often feels like a symptom of a larger problem to me.

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  1. It’s a fair cop. I was assuming “house rule” meant something created whole-cloth for a specific game and used frequently. The hacks I mention happened maybe once each.

    Do specific decisions in a toolkit system like HERO count? E.g., starting PCs at a certain point level, ignoring what the book says?

  2. I actually knew what you were getting at. Back in the day, a “house rule” often meant something a lone DM scribbled in his notebooks in a moment of genius. 

    As for toolkit decisions, some of them could be excluded. If the system’s got a little modularity, the decision to use a module (without modification) doesn’t sound like a “house rule” to me. You’re just making decisions that the game’s designers have asked you to make.

  3. In the spirit of pointless pedantry I will argue that even those are house rules. After all when you sit down at the table to play poker, how big the ante is and the maximum bet and raise are all decisions the design expects you to make…and they are quite literally the Rules of the House.