Perfect game for you

The obvious answer here is Burning Wheel. 😉

But if this is about ideals (like yesterday’s topic) then I’d say a game with:

* Rules that support its premise
* Rules I find enjoyable to use
* A rulebook that is well-edited and well-organized
* Pleasing and functional graphic design — it doesn’t need to be fancy, it needs to be good
* Useful tools for facilitating play, i.e. doesn’t always require intense prep, pre-play
* A GM role (I tend to like games with GM/player divides)
* Lots of player authority (I like to share the GM love around the table)
* Inspiring art
* An egalitarian ethos (i.e., no “we’re using ‘he’ for all pronouns because it’s grammatically correct” or other inane gender/racial bias stuff)
* PDF copy included with print price (ideally) 🙂

I think that’s about it. I reserve the right to add more tenets in the comments.

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