Perfect Gaming Environment

I’ll confess that I don’t really know what this means; I assume it’s asking us to imagine an ideal situation and then describe it.

I suppose it goes without saying that the perfect gaming environment is one in which I feel comfortable and am gaming with people I like, playing a game I want to play.

Gravy would be: lack of ambient noise or competing chatter, suitable lighting, comfortable-but-functional seating (so folks aren’t falling asleep), readily available food and beverages that don’t get schmutz all over everything and aren’t totally unhealthy, a big table with room for everyone’s stuff, and clean bathroom facilities.

If this sounds like gaming at someone’s home, as opposed to a store or con locale, that’s no accident. I think being invited into someone’s home creates a feeling of trust, intimacy, and obligation of hospitality on the parts of the both the inviter and the invitees. So, you’re both allowed more emotional comfort, as well as obligated to not be a big jerk — you’re a guest here.

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