#rpgaday2015  catch-up edition
Longest game session played

When I was a kid, all of my roleplaying happened at sleepovers with my friends. None of us lived very close to one another, and of course we couldn’t drive. Ergo, we’d get to play maybe once a month, and we’d start Friday and keep going until Saturday (or Sat/Sun).

Since play was so sporadic, we didn’t really do campaigns. We’d pick a module (or write one) and make characters, play those characters until we were done, and then never play them again — or rarely so. Granted, essenitally the same PCs would recur: my pal Anthony almost always played a fighter named Welleran, and I think Rich played an elven F/M-U dual-wielding a longsword and short-sword every single game we ever played (he was a math nerd and knew this was the best option).

Most often we’d play AD&D 1e, but occasionally we busted out Star Frontiers, Top Secret, or Villains & Vigilantes. I tried on a few occasions to run Chivalry & Sorcery or Space Opera, but those generally bombed. I did a session of Call of Cthulhu once, and ended up turning my friends off the game forever.

Regardless, we were impressionable lads hopped up on Dr. Pepper and pizza playing these games for 8-10 hours at a stretch. It was glorious. Sure, we had almost no idea what we were doing, but it was pure and engrossing in that tweener way. Were it possible to recapture that feeling, I probably would.

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