Is there a comprehensive database of US RPG conventions?

Yesterday I found out that there’s some big, new gaming convention in Chicago — ValorCon — that’s happening the same weekend as the next Chicago Gameday. I feel like competing cons (gaming and otherwise) happen every Gameday, but when I’m planning dates 3-6 months out, I can’t find any mention of them, despite Googling and pouring over lots of goofy local conventions listing sites.

The flip side is that, since we’re near a major city, it’s inevitable that there is some sort of event going on that appeals to gamers, and I just throw up my hands. “Yeah, I’m sorry MegaAnimeFuzzyKnittingCon is the same weekend; feel free to go to that instead.”

22 thoughts on “Is there a comprehensive database of US RPG conventions?

  1. I’m both impressed and kind of incredulous. It looks pretty slick, and booking a nice hotel in the city for three days is no cheap task… but $55 for a badge to a con I’ve never heard of with scant events posted?

    I guess I’ll be more curious to see if there a second ValorCon next year.

  2. Nathan Paoletta​ The person organizing ValorCon listens to ONE SHOT, so he contacted us when he was first trying to gain support for the show.

    When he finally got a venue and date he contacted us again. I told him I would introduce him to designers in the area who would be interested in demoing their games.