Favourite RPG Accessory

If Dice count as “accessories”, then I nominate the awesome precision machined metal gaming dice created by Amber Rix. I freaking love these dice more than any other dice I own, and I would (metaphorically) kill to see her make other polyhedrals like this. I have a moderately staggering amount of d6s, but unless I need a specific type (Fate dice, HERO dice), I generally use these.

Why precision, machined dice are not a common thing in our hobby, I have no idea. Sure, lots of companies make metal dice, but AFAIK they’re just die-cast and other than being more expensive are no better or worse that you typical Chessex or Koplow dice.

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  1. Martin Ralya Yup. As much as I love the precision dice (i.e., the sharp-edged), I only managed to use them once. You need a dice cup to shake them to prevent shredding your hands, and you need a dice tray to roll them to prevent gouging your books or table.

    The precision machined gaming dice, OTOH, are perfect. I got the smaller size, and they are light and roll great. I honestly wish I’d ordered more!