#rpgaday2015  catch-up post
Favourite appearance of RPGs in the Media

I’m going with The IT Crowd season four, episode one, “Jen the Fredo”: “Moss has been making his own Dungeons & Dragons game and eventually gets John, John, Roy, and Phil to play, which finally entertains the business connections and helps Roy relieve his depression.”

The “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” episode of Community is a close runner-up here, but I think that The IT Corwd manages to be fan more positive in its depiction; Moss’s game both solves problems and brings people closer together, while still entertaining and enthralling them. This, I think, is basically the ideal tabletop RPG experience. The moment when Moss brings in an NPC that the players have obviously met long before and are now like, “OH HOLY CRAP IT’S THAT DUDE HE’S GOING OT ASK US TO JOIN HIM!!!” is just such a classic gamer situation. I love it.

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