Camaraderie: Lady Wargamers

I took this picture at #chicagogameday41, but it’s actually not an event that we offered. This was another table in the Games Plus space that was going on during our morning slot. It was a game of Osprey’s Lion Rampant, and all of the players were women.

I asked to take a picture, but the woman facilitating the table said that I could, as long as I didn’t get any of the players in the shot. In hindsight, I have a feeling that I may have come off as another creepy game guy ogling the lady wargamers, or at least she was probably expecting that to be the case, and so wasn’t going to brook any shenanigans from me. Which, really, I fully understand.

But still! How cool was this! Not only was this a wonderful historical miniatures set-piece (she spent maybe on hour or more getting set up), but also a group of women dominating a game that is stereotypically seen as one for men.

The group is called “Camaraderie” and regularly meets at Games Plus. They gave Willow Palecek a flyer, but since she lives up in Wisconsin, I held on to it. There’s a contact email on the flyer I can give to any Chicago-area women who are interested in meeting up with these gamers.

Anyway, I thought this was really cool.

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