Gameday 41 spotlight: HiBRiD/Ite’ Gamine Engine v2.2

Today’s spotlight is on HiBRiD/Ite’ Gamine Engine v2.2: “Big Showdown in Little Canyonside.” HiBRiD/Ite’ is an RPG created by event GM Hujraad Johaansen and has been featured in various iterations at past Gamedays.
“You thought the Kumi-te was gonna be tough…..wait til the Goth Kids get a hold of you! Choose a butt-kicker from some of the cheesiest 80’s action movies, lock & load your biga** guns, warm up those fists & feet of fury, & let’s get Cinematic! Bring a d20 & a desire to get macho! This game is based (loosely) on 80’s (and 90’s) action movies. Over the top action is the name of the game. The system used for this event, the HiBRiD/Ite’ Gaming Engine, favors heroic action over number crunching, fast combat and action resolution over rules-lawyering, and only requires a single 20-sided die to play. If you are familiar with FUDGE, FADAD, SRD, or any d20-based system, than you already know the rules; you just need to let go and have fun!”
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