Gameday 41 spotlight: Exploding Kingdoms

Today’s spotlight is on Exploding Kingdoms: “Honey Hill’s World-Famous Bakery”.

Exploding Kingdoms describes itself as “gonzo tactical rolepalying” — “Where a Pixie wielding an Enormous Sword and an Explodomancer Golem made out of Blades can fight Time Assassin Tyrannousaruses on top of an airship.” Based on D&D 4e, “XK” is a design by veteran Gameday GM and Forge Midwest hostess Willow Palacek. If you want to step on up and get your game on, this is the game in which to do it.
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4 thoughts on “Gameday 41 spotlight: Exploding Kingdoms

  1. Man…I love 4e gonzoness. It was SO hard for me to decide if I wanted to join this or the other one I ended up in. I almost feel bad for Willow for having no players yet though. Do you think there will be a last minute surge of new blood to fill up open spots?