A great, informative interview with Sandy Petersen about his and Greg Stafford’s return to Chaosium.

The bit that had me the most giddy was Sandy talking about Greg wanting to bring Pendragon and all things Glorantha under the Chaosium aegis once again. I can only dare to dream that RuneQuest might eventually be included, too. it would be so nice to see all those games with Chaosium logos one them once again.

Yeah, I know this is idiotic nostalgia on my part, but as the interviewer put it: “It’ll be nice not to have to apologize for Chaosium all the time.”

Sandy also mentions more attention being paid to BRP, which is nice to hear. Maybe they can put out an edition of Magic World that doesn’t make my eyes bleed.

h/t to John Stavropoulos for the link.